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Invisible pivot hinge

Argenta introduces the argenta® pivotica®, a new, minimalistic and invisible pivot hinge with several unique characteristics. 

Thanks to its compact size the pivotica® is not only easy to mount in the door, the pivot hinge can also be installed in pivoting floor-to-ceiling-height doors. The innovative pivot hinge even allows for the pivot point on the door to be chosen freely (at a minimum of 40 mm from the side of the door); this way, wide doors can for instance rotate from the middle. 

The pivotica® is suitable for both left and right doors. Not just the closing force of the argenta® pivotica® is adjustable; doors can also be outlined perfectly, allowing for a perfectly squared door. 

Thanks to the argenta® pivotica® architects can use spaces and walls creatively, seeing how the pivot hinge does not require a door frame and the door can be aligned perfectly with the wall. All parts of this pivot hinge are rust-resistant. The pivotica® is suitable for indoor use of both modern residential buildings as well as public buildings and offices.