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RENSON® Fixscreen® creates a cool and comfortable working space

Three wind-resistant screens type RENSON® Fixscreen® were installed onto a home in Bradford-on-Avon to limit overheating from the summer sun. These external roller blinds stop the sun’s rays from contacting the glass whilst still allowing the occupant to see outside.

No overheating and reflections whilst maintaining contact with the environment thanks to wind-resistant screens

The house owner wanted to follow the trend of contemporary architecture by having a large glass façade. The glass then permitted the occupants to have continuous contact with the outside and natural light entering his studio. However, during the summer time, overheating became a problem and throughout the year reflections on his computer and TV screens became a nuisance. He also wanted to be able to open his sliding window to get fresh air in without having to contend with insects. 

Trowbridge Blinds proposed the wind-tight Fixscreen® of RENSON®. The owner was very quickly convinced about the quality and efficiency of the solution. Trowbridge Blinds installed 3 screens with a height of 2.25 m each. The central screen measures 4.35 m, while the 2 sides have a width of 2.155 m.


• Windproof in any position
• Insectproof in closed position
• A guaranteed windtightness for windloads up to 80 km/h
• A 7-year warranty on the Fixscreen®-technology
• Surface areas up to 22 m²