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Healthy Residential Concept

Improving  your comfort and living with contemporary design

Reducing carbon emissions and saving energy are the major points of discussion when talking about new build or renovation. Insulation is a key element in achieving an energy efficient home. However, consideration is needed as to how to create good indoor air quality (IAQ), a comfortable temperature and controlled daylight in the house to create a better living environment.

RENSON® wants to help you in finding those solutions. By combining ventilation and sun protection with other desirable solutions into a Healthy Residential Concept®, we are able to provide complete solutions for a healthy and comfortable ‘home’.


When designing, building or renovating a property, the inclusion of increased insulation and better air tightness has knock-on effects to the property. You need to consider the risk of increased condensation, moisture and poor indoor air quality, all of which will affect your health. All too often a fabric first approach ignores the requirements for ventilation. Basic ventilation guarantees an adequate indoor air quality. DCV will constantly monitor and adjust the ventilation rates as per the changes in indoor air quality. When the contaminated air is extracted, a natural airflow through the window vents will ensure the supply of fresh air. Intensive ventilation uses greater natural airflows, whether during the daytime or overnight to cool down a building and its air content.


Further energy can be saved by maximising the use of daylight in the building. However increased glass areas combined with tighter airtightness can lead to higher inner temperatures along with disturbing light reflections. The most efficient sun protection system stops the sunrays before they pass through the glass and enter the house and therefore minimises overheating. We have been providing wind-tight fabric blinds, fixed and movable shutters and aluminium brise soleil for the last 20 years and are able to assist you in finding the right solution for your specific project.


During recent years, outdoor living has become a real hype. We are looking to achieve the same level of comfort inside and outside of the house not just in summer, but throughout the year. By installing a RENSON® terrace cover, you can continue to enjoy the outdoor come rain or shine. You can manage your environment and decide how much sunlight you would like on your terrace or what kind of atmosphere you want to create.