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Jan Palfijn Hospital: a fresh appearance

The Jan Palfijn Hospital in Ghent went through a thorough transformation. The hospital was stripped down to its concrete structure and subsequently rebuilt with an entirely new layout and altered view. The Temporary Association Boeckx-Arch&Teco-Bontinck signed the master plan and coordinated this tremendous project. The architects not only dedicated a lot
of attention to the building’s appearance, they also focused on guaranteeing a healthy indoor climate. Renson’s brise soleil with aluminium blades and windproof screens grant precise control over the incoming sunlight, preventing overheating.

The Jan Palfijn Hospital received a brand new façade. The only part of it that was preserved was the base, which is constructed out of Belgian blue limestone. The contractor stripped the building down to the concrete structure and applied a
new layer of insulation. This included a watertight foil and white façade cladding made from painted aluminium cassettes, bringing a sense of unity to the different blocks with its flowing lines. 

Efficient sun protection

All existing windows were replaced with new systems that feature thermally broken window profiles and suitable glazing. To limit the incoming solar heat in the rooms, the construction profiles opted for Renson’s louvres with aluminium blades type Icarus. Because these louvres are affixed above the windows, they do not disturb the outside view. Additionally, these systems provide a good source of shade when the sun is high during summer months. In winter months – when the sun is low – they allow the permeation of pleasant solar warmth, limiting energy use by heating systems. These louvres and protruding sills surround the entire building and accentuate the horizontal line of the façade concept. Other locations in the building were equipped with windproof screens such as the Fixscreen Mono AK or the Fixvent Mono AK. These combine a window ventilator that guarantees a constant supply of fresh air with a windproof fabric sun protection. Both systems are equipped with a state of the art guidance system with zipper principle, allowing it to withstand wind speeds up to 130 km/h.

Technical installations are hided esthaetically

Besides the efficient insulation and sun protection, the renovation also included aluminium Linius cladding to hide different technical installations on the roof of the building. Like this, there’s no disturbing view on the roofs but all installations are hidden behind a cladding system that fits in perfectly to the total look and feel of the renovated building.