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Detmold, Germany

Topfix® canopy by RENSON for modular Velux Skylights

The RENSON fabric Topfix sun protection system is the perfect complement to the Velux modular skylights. For this project, RENSON developed special mounting brackets, so the system could be constructed to the highest quality.

The new modular skylights were used in the conversion of a warehouse into a modern loft office in Detmold (Germany). Architect Andre Rohde of Detmold opted to implement a new glass façade, using sky-lights for optimal lighting of the new office areas. The client for this project, is the Wortmann-Gruppe of Detmold, one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe with brands such as Tamaris to their name. Due to the continued growth of the company, office space was getting increasingly tight in recent years. Hence why they made the decision to convert the warehouse into an office with 174 workstations.

With the vast amount of sunlight exposed to the office, sun protection for the skylights was essential, especially to remove the glare from the computer screens. Together with its commercial partner, Heliosworken of Hedern in Lower Saxony, RENSON was able to recommend a material for use this purpose. The polyester fabric Soltis S92-2046 aluminium/silk colour guarantees a clear and mostly neutral coloured sun protection. Depending on choice of Soltis the fabric surface can be closed by up to 92%. It has a light appearance, but at the same time provides adequate protection from overheating in the summer.

A central feature to the externally fitted Topfix is that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 120km/h due to its zip technology and fabric tension system. The narrow screen cassette, aluminium guiding system and mounting supports are both technically and optically geared to the Velux modular skylight system. 

The automated monitoring system is linked with the integrated SHEV system in the new office, allowing it to operate autonomously. So, even before the Sun can affect the visibility the screens are in the correct position to provide optimal protection.