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Case studies

Cilium®: hyper-modern homes with a hint of the Middle Ages


The new housing development at Hoogdalem in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, lives and breathes respect for the past. And that is not without influence from the strict planning regulations. Yet, three hyper-modern homes are real exceptions. Although, architect Dick van den Dool does not disrespect history in the slightest way.

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Jan Palfijn Hospital: a fresh appearance


The Jan Palfijn Hospital in Ghent went through a thorough transformation. The hospital was stripped down to its concrete structure and subsequently rebuilt with an entirely new layout and altered view. The Temporary Association Boeckx-Arch&Teco-Bontinck signed the master plan and coordinated this tremendous project. 

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Intelligent sensor system guarantees high air quality


The better the insulation and the more air-tight the building envelope, the more important it is to keep control of the air quality in the living areas. In energy-efficient and thus airtight buildings, the humidity, odours, CO2 and VOC (volatile organic compounds) may reach higher concentrations. This can lead to fatigue, problems with concentration or the formation of mould.

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Lagune: Shanghai, Pudong


RENSON has installed a Lagune on the terrace of the Flair Bar on the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai, Pudong. This terrace cover enables the customers of the highest rooftop bar in China to have a drink or to eat Asian tapas and raw seafood ‘alfresco’, without having to think about sun, rain, wind, or coldness. This Flair Bar is a popular destination, providing stunning views of Shanghai, Puxi.

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Healthy Residential Concept


Reducing carbon emissions and saving energy are the major points of discussion when talking about new build or renovation. Insulation is a key element in achieving an energy efficient home. However, consideration is needed as to how to create good indoor air quality (IAQ), a comfortable temperature and controlled daylight in the house to create a better living environment.

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Topfix®: Detmold, Germany

The RENSON fabric Topfix sun protection system is the perfect complement to the Velux modular skylights. For this project, RENSON developed special mounting brackets, so the system could be constructed to the highest quality.

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Louvre Panels: Paul Street

Louvre Panels Case Study Paul Street London

A good air quality is crucial for students to keep the focus during studying, in the end achieving better results. Therefore, all 419 student rooms of the prestigious project Paul St. in London feature their own ventilation unit. The duct of the system is connected to a louvre panel on top of every window in the building.

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Roller blind Fixscreen: Bradford-on-Avon

case-study-Bradford-on-Avon-en-1.jpgThree wind-resistant screens type RENSON® Fixscreen® were installed onto a home in Bradford-on-Avon to limit overheating from the summer sun. These external roller blinds stop the sun’s rays from contacting the glass whilst still allowing the occupant to see outside.

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Pergola Lagune: Selfridges

case-study-Selfridges-london-en-1.jpgA RENSON® Lagune® external fabric shading system was installed on the roof of Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. This terrace covering enables the customers of the Daylesford rooftop Café to dine or have a tea ‘alfresco’, without having to think about sun, rain, wind or coldness ...

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