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Sun protection fabric and wall cladding follows the curve of the building

Renson offers new architectural perspectives with curved blades

The architectural border between the residential and the project market is fading. The result is a cross-pollination that provides plenty of new perspectives, original solutions and challenging designs for both target groups. A growing demand for curved aluminium wall cladding and structural sun protection fabric is a direct consequence of this. Renson responds to this with an architectural solution with curved blades.

Wall cladding: indoors and outdoors, industrial and residential

A wall lined with aluminium blades is not only durable, but looks above all also very sleek. Especially when also doors, windows and garage doors are integrated concealed. The fact that Renson also can offer curved versions of those blades, creates a great deal of new possibilities for both indoors and outdoors. The basic principle remains the same: the blades are firmly secured on vertical profiles and can be used to hide installations without sacrificing net air passage, but just as well to protect them against rain, wind and pests and for acoustic shielding. Besides that, the design of the slat profile is, of course, also aesthetically beautiful, even in interiors accentuated with indirect lighting.

Sun protection fabric follows the shape of each building

Anyone who prefers sun protection fabric (a fixed awning above the window or blades or sliding panels in front of the windows) over screens, already opted for an architectural eye-catcher. With curved forms in the elaboration of a building it is subsequently an absolute added value that aluminium structures follow the shape of the building. Now that Renson can bend its aluminium blades up to a minimum radius of 500 mm, it is possible that even more ideas can be realized in practice.

Advanced machine park and project team for all mad-to-measure solutions

With a solution for each curved application in the architecture, Renson responds to the growing demand for curved blades for wall cladding and sun protection fabric. This is illustrated by references with Linius wall cladding and Icarus and Sunclips sun protection canopies. Renson clearly elaborates further on this, because in addition to a custom machine park, the "Customized Solutions through Innovations'-team of Renson develops also a customized solution for curved applications such as this for each project.

Linius - Alpha Rotex company building - Frankfurt (Germany):

  • L.050HF blades, curved following the curvature of the building and adapted in order to fit in the groove
  • Blind rivets are lacquered in the colour of the blades
  • Between the slat holder and the U-bracket, black anodised mosquito netting has been stretched.

Sunclips - Essec Nautile college- Paris (France)

  • Sunclips Classic blades
  • The curved blades were delivered in pre-assembled cassettes in order to mount them quicker on site.

Icarus - GH Jan Palfijn- Ghent (Belgium)

  • ICP.200 and ICP.300 (trim profile) blades are visible on both sides
  • The profiles were specially tempered to achieve the radius and at the same time to keep the profiles smooth
  • Each corner of the existing building was different, but the curved finishing had to be even everywhere.