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Healthbox® II

The Healthbox® II screens moisture and/or CO2 in each connected room 24 hours a day, even when the occupants are not at home. The built-in sensor in the control module will open the control flap to a greater or lesser degree.

The Healthbox® II has up to 6 separate connections to enable energy-efficient ventilation.healthbox-02_aansluitingen-en.jpg

Design vents for extraction

healthbox-02_roosters-maten.jpgIn order to enable the integration of the extraction vents into the ceiling, the location of the control system was shifted from the extraction vent to the electronic control modules on the motor unit.

In addition, the plastic extraction vents were replaced by aluminium design vents. These design vents (height 11mm) were developed for integration or mounting into or onto the ceiling (or wall), for a plaster, plasterboard or a MDF base surface. These vents are generally supplied in RAL 9010 matt (white) but can easily be painted over. The occupant can choose between 6 different designs, so that combinations with all kinds of décors are possible.

The vents are generally equipped with an 80 mm diameter connection, while only for the kitchen, this standard diameter is 125 mm.


Unique automatic calibration system

The entire system is automatically calibrated, achieving the appropriate flow rate for each control module, regardless of the length and type of the ducting. The control modules can be programmed according to the type of room and/or standard, which is to say, one can indicate at the time of installation, whether the room in question is a wet or dry room. The control modules will then be set to the required maximum flow rate per room and will communicate with the motor unit in order to determine the required total flow rate of all wet and dry rooms, specifically for that house.

This avoids the risk of possible errors during settings and is a major timesaver. The total adjustment time will be limited to an average of 12 minutes.healthbox-02_regeling-en.jpg

Energy savings through optimised, extraction, on-demand

The Healthbox® II has a powerful motor with control modules that can ensure proper ventilation of any connected room at all times. A humidity and/or CO2 sensor in each control module measures the extraction air 24 hours a day, and communicates with the central processor. The control module limits the extraction rate per room if possible and also runs the motor at a lower speed.
The Healthbox® II thereby achieves heat savings and savings in electricity consumption.healthbox-02_standaardregeling-en.jpg

4-position button (XVK4)

The four-position switch is a wired button that provides feedback about the status of the ventilation group via blue LEDs. The button allows us to make a selection from 4 programs:healthbox-02_xvk4-en.jpg