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Terrace covering Lagune

More atmosphere, more comfort and maximum enjoyment of your garden

RENSON® terrace coverings are the only windproof sun protection systems with fully integrated screens which are completely closable. Importantly the fabric covering is 100% watertight but still allows light to penetrate. This innovative product allows you to enjoy the outside all year round, whether you are in your garden or relaxing on the terrace of your favourite restaurant.


Lagune® BEAM-module & LIGHT-module

hoc-lagune-light-beam.jpgYou are able to enjoy your Lagune® all year round from morning to dusk by integrating a range of complementary features. These include LED lighting, heating and sound (see below). This extra space can be utilised during the first of the spring sunshine, through the sweltering summer months and even on chilly autumn and winter days.

Lagune® BEAM: a complementary design beam
- Lagune® HEAT: integrated into the design beam
- Lagune® SOUND: integrated into the design beam

Lagune® LIGHT: LED lighting integrated in the side beams of the Rooffix®

Lighting, heating & loudspeakers can be integrated easily into the Lagune® patio roof - even as a retrofit! The Lagune® BEAM can be obtained separately.

Technical data

• Max. width: 12 m
• Max. horizontal extension: 6 m
• Minimum recommended slope: 8°




• Intelligence at the heart of building products
• 100% secure, reliable
• Easy to install, no additional cost
• Future-proof interoperability from an alliance of 8 major manufacturers

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