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Our solutions

Healthy Residential Comfort


To achieve optimal living comfort, it is important to take account of the orientation of the building, the influence of the different seasons, and the lifestyle of the people who live or work in this environment. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the different systems during the design phase and incorporate the most suitable elements in the design. This ensures home owners optimum, long-term enjoyment of their home.


for offices and large buildings

The Healthy Building Concept® from RENSON® aims at a healthy, comfortable and low-energy indoor environment in line with the Kyoto Protocol, resulting in an increase in productivity, lower energy bills and fewer sick days for the people living and working in the building.


for a conservatory

A veranda is an extra living room in your home where you can bring a little of the garden inside. A well-designed veranda functions as a successful transition between house and garden, allowing you to enjoy your garden longer and more often.


for outdoor spaces

Lagune® is always attached to the façade with a sloped roof. Camargue® and Algarve® have a bladed roof with a slope of 0°. Different methods of installation are possible: freestanding with 4 columns, façade-mounted with 2 columns or integrated in an existing opening without vertical columns.