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HEALTHY BUILDING CONCEPT®: Serre Amazonienne at Lunaret Zoo


renson-hbc-case-lunaret.jpgThe Amazon greenhouse at Lunaret Zoo occupies an area of 2600 m2. It houses 7 different climatic zones and 5 biotopes.

To be able to fulfi l the several demands of this projects was a huge challenge: to guarantee a stable temperature (between 22° and 26°C) and a constant humidity, both vital for the survival of exotic plants and animals, despite the exterior conditions which are sometimes extreme (fierce heat, intense light, cold and violent winter winds, etc.). Each product was chosen with care, but without ignoring the aesthetic aspect.

Architect Gilles Chrétien chose for Icarus® Aero 200 sunprotection from RENSON® in order to prevent overheating. On the Southern side, the sunprotection is fi xed, whereas it is movable on the Western side to adapt to variations in the angle of the sun’s rays over the seasons. Type 425 ventilation louvres from RENSON® installed at regular intervals in the bottom section allow natural air to enter and can also handle large volumes.