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We’ve gathered a lot of information over the years about how sunlight can affect the quality of the indoor environment. Advisers are now using simulations to demonstrate exactly what happens to the building. Because we know which conditions cause discomfort, we advise architects in advance to take this into account.

Dimensioning of sunprotection

renson-hbc-zonwering-dimensies.jpgThe sun is an important primary source of heat and light. The design, dimensioning and control of sunprotection are sometimes quite complex.

Sunprotection is designed to reduce solar heat in the summer but to welcome the extra warmth in the winter. The natural sunlight must also be optimally controlled. There must be sufficient natural lighting but annoying reflections or glare must be avoided.

Sun path

renson-hbc-zonwering-stand.jpgThe position of the sun varies from hour to hour and from day to day. The different positions can be visually presented in a sun path diagram. The sun path curves depend on the position on the globe and can be determined by latitude and longitude. The sun path curves are always based on solar time (highest sun position at 12 noon) and need to be adapted to the local time zone and/or winter or summertime.

Taking the above into account, together with the orientation of the facade, the exact shading angles can be calculated to determine the design and dimensions of the sunprotection.

RENSON® has comprehensive simulation software available to develop the perfect solution for your project with structural sunprotection.